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With Paravol,
your bike is never
alone again !

State-approved bicycle identification operator, to prevent theft and facilitate the return of bicycles. Bicycle found, bicycle identified, bicycle returned.

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State-approved device

The concept

What is Paravol ?

Unique and anonymous identification

Tamper-proof marking on the bike frame. Registration of the bike and owner data.

A Single National Database

The information is stored in the Fichier National Unique des Cycles Identifiés (FNUCI). Accessible only by the authorities in case of theft.

A dedicated and responsive personal portal

Access to the identification certificate, personal information and all documents related to the bike. Change the status of the bike: sold, destroyed, stolen, etc.

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How does it work ?

It's simple !

My bicycle is identified with Paravol

Access my personal portal, check and/or modify my information and update the status of my bicycle (for sale, stolen, destroyed, etc.).

I would like to have my bicycle identified with Paravol

I find a shop near me through the list of partner retailers.

I found a bicycle identified as Paravol

I contact Paravol, using the telephone number on the ID, to check whether the bike is stolen and to return it.

The Paravol branding

The best identification solution

Heavy duty

It is tear-proof and weather-resistant and does not damage your frame, unlike engraving. The Paravol identifier meets and exceeds the required standards.

Discreet and aesthetic

Suitable for all types of frames, it respects the aesthetics of bicycles.

Easy to use

The QR code allows you to check the status of the bike. After-sales service at your disposal : the telephone number is even on the sticker !

The Paravol Universe

Our offers

Paravol Assurances

The solution in case of theft or breakage

Robbery by assault

Break and enter

Accidental breakage

From 3€

per month

Paravol x Rapporte-Moi

Lost, found, returned

Return of your lost keys

We act as a go-between

Your data is anonymised


in your store

Paravol Traceur

Your bike is never alone again

Real-time GPS location

Discreet positioning of your bicycle

Rental without obligation

Monthly subscription

Available soon

Our dealers

More than 650 partner shops

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Have you found a bike ?

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The testimonies


I can't tell you how your email has brightened up the end of the day. When talking to friends, not everyone believed it. Just incredible. A huge THANK YOU Have a nice weekend Laurent


Stolen bikes found


Individuals buying second-hand bikes can also check the status of the identified bike. This is a sign of confidence that facilitates the sale by preventing the buyer from becoming an accomplice of RECEL by buying a stolen bike.

Pierre Yves

Attempted handling of stolen goods


Bikes are stolen every day and of course stolen bikes are rarely returned: this is an excellent deterrent and soon any unidentifiable bike will be suspect.


Law enforcement


Bikes returned this week

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